The NetJets Association of Shared Aircraft Pilots, more commonly referred to as NJASAP, represents the professional interests of the 3,000-plus pilots who fly in the service of NetJets Aviation, Inc. An independent labor advocate, NJASAP is based in Columbus, Ohio where it maintains an office located just minutes from the Port Columbus International Airport. NJASAP is governed by a five-member, democratically elected Executive Board who oversees the 14-member NJASAP Stewards Council, seven full-time staff members, and a Union Volunteer Network comprised of approximately 150 volunteers and subject matter experts.

NJASAP is privileged to represent a highly skilled and knowledgable pilot force who is consistently recognized for their outstanding efforts. The group currently maintains a 95.6 percent owner satisfaction rating, and we attribute that to our members’ unfailing observance of professionalism, consistency in the performance of their duties, and compliance with all applicable Company and federal regulations. To be sure, our owners pay a premium for the very best, and each and every day NJASAP members are wholly committed they receive nothing less.


What NJASAP seek to be, and how we intend to proceed:

AN INDUSTRY-LEADING ADVOCATE  An industry-leading advocate whose principle objective is to safeguard and enhance the professional interests of its members.
dot A SAFETY-FIRST CHAMPION  As an aviation labor organization, we seek to ensure our members conduct flight operations within the safest possible environment.
dot A ZEALOUS COMPLIANCE OFFICER  An Association with an unwavering commitment to enforcing the terms and conditions of the NetJets-NJASAP Collective Bargaining Agreement.
dot A POLITICAL FORCE  A highly respected and knowledgeable advocate capable of influencing the legislation and federal regulations that shape FAR Part 135/91K operations.
dot A SERVICE-DRIVEN ASSOCIATION  An advocate that provides unparalleled Membership services.
dot AN UNTIRING STEWARD  An advocate who maintains rigorous internal controls such that the management and financial administration of the Association remains above reproach.
dot AN ACCESSIBLE RESOURCE  An organization whose members can access information, resources and tools quickly, easily and consistently across a variety of platforms.
dot A MODEL TO OUR PEERS  A labor advocate whose internal management paradigm is a model for industry peers due to its systemic transparency and accountability standards, efficiency and productivity.

NJASAP’s fundamental purpose is to safeguard your NetJets career, driving every decision made, motion passed, policy created and initiative undertaken. To do so, the Association maintains an unflinching focus on enforcing the Collective Bargaining Agreement and ensures the Membership has the tools necessary to take an active role in the enforcement mandate. In anticipation of collective bargaining, extraordinary preparatory efforts will take place to position NJASAP negotiators to enhance the hard fought gains accorded by the existing agreement, and the same resources and energy will be allocated to formal Section Six talks. Cultivating a diverse, highly experienced Union Volunteer Network is consequential to meeting organizational objectives, including NJASAP’s continuing efforts to help maintain the safest possible operational environment. Through each of these activities, the Association strives to act in the best interests of the collective and to exceed each member’s expectations with regard to the return on his or her dues investment.


With an unwavering commitment to professionalism, the NetJets pilots provide a vital service in one of the industry’s most dynamic unscheduled work environments. As such, they are to be treated with respect and compensated at a level commiserate with their experience and responsibilities.
dot The 2007 CBA was negotiated in good faith, and both parties have a responsibility to abide by its terms and conditions.
dot The Association must continuously endeavor to secure, improve and enforce pilot job security, wages, benefits and working conditions.
dot A democratically elected body, the NJASAP Executive Board is required to lead in a manner consistent with the will of the Membership, casting aside individual concerns and interests in favor of the collective.
dot A spirit of and commitment to volunteerism powers a union, compelling NJASAP to maintain a diverse pool of subject matter experts and a robust committee infrastructure. These assets provide the indispensable knowledge to enforce the Agreement and to craft initiatives that empower and engage the Membership.
dot NJASAP has a responsibility to give its members a return on their dues investment.
dot The Association is obliged to evaluate and expand its menu of Membership services and resources and to make each easily and readily accessible.
dot Each expenditure should be scrutinized against how it furthers the Association’s ability to reach strategic goals and to realize its overarching vision for the organization.
dot Each NJASAP leader, Steward, volunteer and member is expected to perform his or duties with integrity and in a manner consistent with democratic labor principles and practices.
dot A commitment to professionalism and excellence defines the NJASAP member.

With approximately 60 percent marketshare, NetJets is the world's leading fractional ownership Company. It is also the safest with a sterling safety record and a reputation for employing the best pilots.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, NetJets Aviation, Inc., provides good paying jobs to approximately 4,500 employees. Of those, 2,000 work at the Company's new headquarters and the remaining 2,560 active line pilots live across the United States.

Currently, approximately 400 NetJets aircraft are flown by pilots on the NetJets Seniority List. The company has ordered an additional $17.6  billion in new aircraft, including 120 large-body Bombardier Globals and an additional 425 small-, and medium-body Bombardier and Cessna aircraft. The long-term fleet overhaul plan is projected to add 750 new aircraft to the fleet. NetJets currently has a subsidiary in Europe, NetJets Europe, and plans to expand into China.